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EverGreen Group HK Ltd ( www.egchip.com) is well known to be a global buyer & reseller for excess inventory of semiconductors & shortage components from famous companies. Since 2006, EGchip has been recycling & reselling electronic components from Europe, North America, Japan and etc. EGchip is now a distributor & famous spot dealer of ST, TI, ADI, MICROCHIP, MICRON, XILINX, ALTERA etc by covering various types of parts including: FPGA, MCU, SENSOR, MOSFET, Power, Memory, Analog, TVS.


As the industry leader in Asia, EverGreen Group HK Ltd is proud to be the independent distributor that has passed certification procedure including:ISO9001,ISO14001. We are also a designated global supplier of EATON. We specialize in allocated and hard-to-find semiconductors and integrated circuits components. 

Our service to OEM'S contains :

1. Sourcing hard-to-find /shortage parts;

2. Help to achieve much lower costs on main chips of customers' BOM's --20% cost down at least;

3.BOM kitting services: we help to get and stock all your BOM components for a ready assembly

4.Help to liquidate excess inventory of OEM'S with higher return

We focus on the aftermarket of semiconductors and have buyback plan to purchase your surplus new electronic components which you do not need.  We build stable relationship with large AI manufacturers and only purchase excess stocks from famous companies like ARROW, SmithsRochester, HuaweiFoxconn, Cisco, Intel and Siemens etc.


EGchip buys all kinds of surplus semiconductors and slow moving electronic components inventory, E-assets, obsolete parts. We have experience of buying excess inventory for over 15 years. We work with all supply chain professionals to help balance their inventory levels. Call us with your excess electronic inventory. Maximize value in your excess electronic component stock!

We are famous to solve the shortage of materials for customers when there is a shortage situation, and provide solutions to reduce costs;When you have inventory pressure, we could help you clean up your surplus inventory to power your money flowing in time. We understand your production goals and the troubles of shortage and surplus issue of over-stocked materials.


ITAD Department - What kind of shortage materials or excess stocks we buy:

1)All kinds of Excess IC chips & Electronic Components inventory or shortage /end-of-lifecycle parts

2)Chips: FPGA, Memory Modules, MCU, transistors, integrated circuit, capacitors, resistors, semiconductorsDetails as:  

Security & Military ICs;  Memory & Flash ICs; Power Management ICs ; Audio ICs;

Graphics chips; IGBT; Bluetooth chips; Analog ics; Driver,Processor chips and other chips

3)Industrial Automation Equipment: ABB,  Allen Bradley, Siemens. Motor control units, super caps, PLC, circuit breakers, anything related to Industrial Automation.

4)Finished Goods: Digital Cameras, Reclaimed Robotics Parts, SSD, CPU, GPU, etc.

5)Electronic parts: PCB 

EGchip wants to buy your excess electronic components inventory!  

We are always preparing stocks in advance before your production plan!  That is why we could help to fix the shortage components issue!

We could pay cash or wire money directly to buy excess inventory from you.

Trust EGchip team:

Let there be no hard-to-deliver components in the world!  

The mission of EGchip people:

Create a world without hard-to-find components / surplus inventory for clients.

Our solution will improve the efficiency of clients' procurement and reduce the cost of the entire electronics manufacturing industry.

Since 2006, we recycle excess electronic components inventory, obsolete or unpopular parts to create a world free from from idle capacity and volatility of shortages.

We cooperate with global electronics giants, Fortune 500 companies, EMS/OEMs, large brands & agents.

Every year, semiconductor factories have a large number of parts discontinued or are about to cease production, but a lot of customers are still using these parts.  These companies include, for example: ST, Texas Instruments, NXP, Infineon, Renesas, Cypress, Xilinx, ADI, MICROCHIP, MICRON, ALTERA...etc  

As a result, many people cannot obtain enough ic chips or components which are already discontinued, and some cannot be even found at all.  At the same time, the large MRF/semiconductor companies are still holding excess or suplus stocks in hand. Day past, time fly. Their stocks become obsolete and unpopular. There is a big information gap between users and suppliers

How does EGchip help to solve this problem?  Cross Information abyss ?

We already have more than 2,000 suppliers, including industry giants, large manufacturers, EMS, semiconductor brands and agents.  We purchase and recycle excess stocks, obsolete or discontinued components in a centralized or batch manner. Relying on our powerful IT system, We continue to buy and store these discontinued chips.

At the same time, our IT team puts these millions of products information including discontinued chips stocks on our website. www.egchip.com

Relying on IT technology, we publish and update them regularly.  All supplier systems are also connected with us to ensure that we can get the latest inventory information in time so that EGchip can recycle, organize and put on the shelves.

We give new life to obsolete components which are already out of production.  

Let our partners all over the world no longer need to worry about searching components hard. We have been working to solve the problem of shortage.  This is our mission and what we do every day.

Send Us Your Excess Inventory List Today or Searching for millions of part number stocks on our website

We buy excess and obsolete inventory,send us email or submit your excess or surplus electronics inventory list. Your request or demand will get our immediate response!

EGchip is 100% focused on excess inventory resale & recycling by working with global electronics companies. We have four global recycling centers which are located in Hongkong, China mainland, Poland and USA. Our experienced team could handle the entire process from start to finish offering tailored and confidential solutions to proactively market your stock and ensure the best return. All you need to do is send us a list and pack up your excess.

Electronic Components Reselling & Recycling:


Excess Electronics Inventory(Consignment/Recycling/Resale/Buyback services) 


The excess inventory consignment program is a great idea for companies who are looking to sell excess electronics inventory plus earn a higher return on the dollar. Many companies offer the excess consignment program, but only EGchip can provide a excess inventory consignment service that guarantees a 100% accurate audit trail. In a short time, your inventory list would be sent to all of our customers. 


We bring a unique perspective to what component resale should be: easy, cost-effective and mutually beneficial.  Our mission is to build a community of sellers and buyers committed to keeping high-quality electronic components in the market and out of the landfill.


EGchip do this by closely partnering with our customers to optimize the value of their assets with the goal of 100% reuse of all electronic materials.


EGchip provides buyback and remarketing services for below brands. We could purchase and resell your slow moving inventory quickly in Asian market.  

ST   Texas Instruments(TI)    NXP    Infineon   Renesas   Cypress   Xilinx  ADI  MICROCHIP  MICRON   ALTERA


EGchip’s Ambition:  


Make the world evergreen by recycling Electronics inventory & E-assets with higher value!

Committed to building a trustworthy global network & ecosystem of semiconductor industry !


EG stands for: Evergreen


egchip excess chips principles



Start to sell your stocks to us with higher price!

We do the rest!

All kinds of brand new Electronic Components inventory or E-waste

• Any manufacturer  • Any age • Any quantity • From anywhere in the world


• Line item purchasing  • Lot purchasing • Consignment  • From 1 box to 1000 pallets 

Our principles:

EGchip’s core business is buying and managing excess electronic components, including excess inventory identified for disposal. Our trusted services are used by a broad range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEMs) and Distributors, located within Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.

We specialize in getting our customers the maximum return on their electronic component inventories total asset value. When you work with us, you can sell your excess stock and surplus electronic components through our various selling options – freeing up valuable space and unlocking their monetary potential!

We will work with you to create practical bespoke strategies to ensure you receive the maximum return on investment for your excess electronics stock.


EGchip has been focusing on the acquisition of idle electronic components for personal and factory projects for ten years. With leading data management, idle electronic inventory for customers is used to achieve the greatest recovery value and recycle various component inventory at high prices.

We provide recycling quotation, sorting processing, cash payment, and try our best to meet customer needs.

Please inform us of your inventory EXCESS (inventory), and we will provide you with a recycling quotation as soon as possible.



EGchip always carry out "EFFICIENCY, RELIABLE & BEST SERVICE”.

EGchip is a worldwide leading authorized recycler of semiconductors and electronic components for over 350 industry leading manufacturers. We specialize in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies for design engineers and buyers. Our extensive product offering includes semiconductors, interconnects, passives, and electromechanical components. 


These are our core business concept since 2006. EGchip serve for over 2000 global partnership channels, 300 authorized cooperative suppliers, and 600,000 part numbers online inventory after 15 years. By now, EGchip has become the most valuable and reliable online recyling platform of Electronic Components.